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Fifteenth Annual Gallifrey One Dr. Who Convention

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Fourteenth Annual Gallifrey One Dr. Who Convention

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Continental Comics JLA / Avengers Signing

National Right To Privacy Day


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In addition to writing and art,
I'm involved in politics and
social activism. Here's a pic
of me with Nadine Strossen,
president of the American
Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
Power to the people. Right on!

This was a really important
event we were at; I know
'cause I'm wearing a suit and
tie in the photo.


I always enjoy science fiction
conventions. Here I am with
some really nice folks: Janet
Fielding, Sylvester McCoy
and India Fisher at one of
the great Gallifrey One
Doctor Who conventions.


I love being creative, and
recently directed a video
titled Ecstatic Dance for
my friend Anayolisa Love,
seen here with me and
percussionist Beattle.
Cinematography and Sound
were by Paul Gibbons with
Editing by Kieoh.

And, yes, this pic was
composed to have the effect
of sunlight coming thru the
windows behind us. No,
really, it was.